Oversight of the Slot Machine Featuring the Divine Links

The video slot Divine Links was created by Blueprint Gaming’s Malta-based Lucksome studio. In other words, this is not a uniform for a first year. Bryan Upton, the company’s CEO and former head of the RNG games product development team at iGaming giant NetEnt, has amassed decades of expertise in the sector, making Lucksome a formidable competitor. As soon as they were created, Blueprint Gaming hovered over the company to add them to its increasing list of purchased studios. The pressure to succeed was amplified when well-known figures began appearing at Lucksome.

First impressions weren’t very favorable. With the goal of showcasing their abilities, the group settled on an Ancient Greek theme. Even though it has a cool title—Divine Links—it doesn’t do a great job with the concept. Clouds serve as a backdrop to the action on a 5×3 grid with 20 paylines. Despite the numerous references to deity, it lacks any genuine motivation. The game lacks character since there are no harp-playing gods or deities queuing up lightning bolts to hiff at poor unsuspecting humans below. However, Divine Luck does have the sense of a real slot machine, so the developers may have accomplished their goal. If this is your cup of tea, then Divine Links will not disappoint; if not, you may find its simplicity to be a letdown.

You may wager anywhere from 20 percent to as much as £/€500 every spin on Divine Links. Informed gambles can spin for some heavenly luck knowing they have access to the complete range of statistics. It has a respectable return on investment (96.01%) and a medium volatility level (5 out of 10). The manufacturer gives the bonus and win frequency a 7 out of 10, which isn’t a great indicator of how likely you are to really win, but it does indicate that the reels will be active very often.

J through A royals make up half of the pay symbols, while apples, pearls, doves, and a damsel in a Greek-inspired gown make up the other half. You can win anywhere from 12.5 times your bet to 50 times your bet if you get a full line of the premium symbols. Wilds are worth twice as much as the lady symbol and may substitute for any other symbol except the scatter. Wilds also represent monetary values and are treated as such in the section on currency symbols that follows.

Slot Game Features Featuring Divine Links

When you get 6 of the money symbols anywhere in view, the Lux Reels feature will activate. To accommodate the larger reel matrix (5×4), one extra row is added at the beginning of this cycle. As soon as it is enabled, the player is given three free spins that are reset to three whenever money symbols or love symbols appear and remain in position. Depending on the circumstances, hearts can morph into scattering money symbols, roses, or upgrade symbols that multiply cash values by 2. When the number of spins reaches zero or all available slots are taken, the game is over.

Lux Reels scatters of two roses, or the same number of basic game scatters, trigger free games. Each of the three levels of volatility (low, medium, and high) is available to players. For the first two, you’ll receive 6 more spins, a guaranteed Lux Reel trigger, and the transformation of a single ordinary symbol into a money sign. In the third, riskier round, players are awarded 8 more spins and the monetary values of the money symbols are increased.

With the Lux Reels feature in the main game, players have a chance to win additional free spins and access a gamble function. From here, you may either wager for an additional 2 free spins or collect what you’ve earned.

The feature of “Lucky Locks” is an added bonus. If the player gets 5 money symbols, they can pay an additional 2x their wager to keep the symbols in place and re-spin the remaining positions. During spins using Lucksome Locks, nothing but empty spaces or currency signs will appear.

Lastly, in games that support it, the bonus purchase feature may be used to activate free spins at a cost of 52.5 times the player’s initial wager.

Heavenly Reels: The Slots’ Final Say

When compared to the wealth of knowledge Lucksome has at its disposal, Divine Links falls short. The game does not provide a fresh and exciting adventure that will push players outside of their comfort zones. Divine Links has a generic aesthetic and recycled elements that make it feel like it was made in the 1990s. If rival studios were watching Lucksome’s debut album, wondering how the band would make their debut, Divine Links probably wouldn’t cause too much alarm. But, obviously, it’s still early days for Lucksome, since this is only their first spot.

It’s worth noting that Divine Links isn’t devoid of any intentional design. Having three choices when the bonus game is activated adds a little of variety, but ultimately they all function similarly. While the Lux Reels feature is a nice addition, it’s just another boring pick-and-click bonus. Maybe the game might have fared better if Lucksome had concealed the features under a more interesting and novel setting or story. With its generic gameplay and bland visuals, Divine Links fails to impress.

If Lucksome’s goal with their release was to provide a seamless experience for users rather than to shock them with radical new features, they have undoubtedly accomplished this. Is Lucksome going to hold back on the next one now that the dam has been broken, so to speak? Due to their conservative approach with Divine Links, it is quite unlikely that they would release another game with ground-breaking features. However, may the ultimate goal actually lie in shocking and awe? We will, of course, learn the truth eventually.

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